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Application of Chromium Powders
Feb 27, 2018


Chromium powders are applied in the following industries

w   Electric contactCu-Cr electric contacts for Vacuum Interrupter adopted in Vacuum Circuit Breakers;

w   SOFC: Interconnectors for solid oxide fuel cell;

w   3D printing: Spherical chromium powders for additive manufacturing components;

w   Supper alloy: Chromium raw material for supper alloy;

w   Powder metallurgy industry;

w   Welding material;

w   Aluminum alloy additives;

w   Hard alloy;

w   Coating;

Sirui provides series of chromium products, such as high purity and low gas chromium powders, degassed electrolytic Cr flakes, degassed electrolytic Cr powders, high purity and low gas chromium powder blocks and spherical chromium powders.

For more information, welcome to contact us at: walle@sirui.net.cn

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