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CopperChromium Zirconium Alloy
Dec 21, 2017

Copper chromium zirconium alloy is a kind of high conductivity and high strength copper alloy material, which has excellent properties such as high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, good strength and hardness especiallyin relatively high temperature application.


Copper chromium zirconium alloy has been widely used in various areas, such as high traction motoraccessories, electrical contacts, copper rollers for the production of amorphous ribbons,resistance welding electrodes, high strength cables, connectors, heat sinks, circuit breaker accessories, electronic equipment components, generating units slot wedge, crystallizer inner sleeve, spark discharge electrodes and so on.


We currently provideshigh-qualityshort circuit ring/bar/ shrink rings for high traction motors, electrodes usedin resistance welding field, electrical contactsused in GIS, copper rollers for the production of amorphous ribbons, resistance welding electrodes and otherCu-Cr-Zr products. And we have vacuum induction melting furnace, forging and other equipmentwith the capacity of more than 3000 T per year.