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Dispersion trengthened Copper
Dec 08, 2017

Sirui has developed a series of Cu-Cr, Cu-Cr-Zr and dispersion-strengthened copper high performancealloy electrode used in the resistance welding field.

Dispersion strengthened copper materials exhibits good properties, especially good resistance tosoftening (>800). This is because the fine tough particles disperse into the copper matrix andhinder the movements of dislocation, thus strengthening the matrix with minimum loss of thermalconductivity.

A typical dispersion strengthened copper material usually prepared by internal oxidation processwith Al2O3 as the dispersed particles. During the progress, the oxygen dissolves and diffuses intothe alloy and reacts with the active components, forming into oxidized particles dispersedly on thereacting interfaces without the affection of grain boundaries and the microstructure.

Additionally, dispersion-strengthened copper materials can also be used in fields of hybrid circuitpackage components, X-ray tube component, electrical components, rotating equipmentcomponents, high power magnet winding and so on.