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How many methods for the preparation of CuCr contact materials?
May 18, 2017

Copper-Chromium (CuCr) materials are widely used in high voltage applications as electrical high-power contacts and vacuum interrupters due to the combination of high thermal and electrical conductivity, high strength and long term stability.

The binary system of Copper and Chromium shows nearly complete immiscibility in the solid state. In order to obtain Copper-Chromium materials with a mass fraction of Chromium between 10 % and 55 wt.-%.  

Currently we have set up four production lines of vacuum infiltration,vacuum casting,vacuum arc-melting and sintering.There are more than 100 vacuum sintering and casting equipments we possess.We have annual capacity of 8 million pieces of contact materials,and now have been the largest vacuum contact materials manufacturing base in the world.