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Lead frame
Jan 18, 2018

Lead frames, especially those made of copper alloys, are among the most important parts for electronic IC devices.


Copper alloys for lead frame are becoming leading factor in the lead frame materials for IC, because of its high strength and high conductivity. The lead frame share of copper alloys has increased to roughly 80% of total market due to their excellent thermal and electrical performance. C194 copper alloy and KFC copper alloy are the representative lead frame materials with good electric conductivity. Cu-Fe-P alloys have taken up a large proportion in the use of lead frames materials due to their good electrical and thermal conductivity and low cost.   


There has a new demand for the lead frames, which is not only a good chance but also a challenge for our country under the condition of poor basis. Sirui has developed high-quality Copper alloys for lead frame. Welcome to contact us for more information.