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PProduction of CuW electrical contacts by vacuum infiltrationroduction of CuW electrical contacts by vacuum infiltration
Nov 16, 2017

CuW electrical contact materials are widely used as arcing contacts in SF6 high and medium voltage circuit breakers. Sirui produces Cu-W electrical contacts by vacuum infiltration process. When heating to a certain temperature, under the action of capillary force, the molten copper liquid infiltrates and fills the pores of porous framework along the gaps of tungsten particles to obtain a dense copper-tungsten material.

Steps of the vacuum infiltration process are as follows:

1.         Mixing and ball milling of tungsten powders with binder;

2.         Pressing  into green compacts with a specific density;

3.         Degreasing and sintering to obtain porous structure;

4.         Vacuum infiltration with copper;

5.         Heat treatment;

6.         Inspection and testing;

7.         Machining;

8.         Inspection and testing;

9.         Vacuum packing

The progress ensures the best electrical properties and the most economic production.