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TMF and AMF in vacuum interrupter
Nov 07, 2017

In vacuum interrupter, arc shows diffusion behavior when the transient current is lower than 10 kA, and turns into aggregation if the current is higher than 10 kA. TMF (transverse magnetic field,TMF) is chosen to prevent local overheating, because the electromagnetic force generated by TMF makes arc uniform distribution. If the current is much higher, AMF (axial magnetic field,AMF)  is chosen as it makes arc diffusion on the whole surface of contacts. 

In recent years, vacuum circuit breakers have developed in the direction of high voltage and large current. In order to improve the opening capacity of vacuum circuit breakers, the selection of the contact magnetic field is particularly important.

Our company can produce  Copper-Chromium (CuCr) Contact wiith different magnetic field  according to customer's requirement.