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Sirui attended MS&T17
Oct 28, 2017


The annual Materials Science and Technology technical meeting and exhibition (MS&T17) was held on Oct. 8-12 in Pittsburgh, USA. This is the most significant conference about material science and technology in the word.      


   MS&T’17 brings together scientists, engineers, students, suppliers and more to discuss current research and technical applications, and to shape the future of materials science and technology.

  材料大会2.jpg Our team leaded by Vice-president Henry Zhang attended the great convention. During the lectures our colleagues talk over the electrical contacts and motor parts with potential customers from over the word in the same venue.


   Our company Srui is professional in the production of copper chromium electrical contacts and short circuit ring/bar/ shrink ring used in High traction motor, the key components and assemblies for medical X-ray tubes, as well as chromium powder. These products are widely used in the circuit breaker, motor, high-speed railway, aerospace, 3D printing etc. MS&T’17 is opportunity to reach the frontier technique of metal materials.