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  • The CuCr materials have good performance of breaking and withstand voltage. They are widely used in Vacuum Interrupter adopted in Vacuum Circuit Breaker below 126 kV. And at present the materials have been main contact materials used in Vacuum Interrupter. We have set up four production lines of vacuum infiltration, vacuum casting, vacuum arc-melting and sintering. There are 100 vacuum sintering and casting equipments in our company. Our company has had annual capacity of 8 million pieces of contact materials and now has been the largest vacuum contact materials manufacturing base in the world.
  • The CuW material has good performance of withstand voltage and anti-arc ablation. The materials are most widely used in various types of switch arc contacts. Our company has adopted vacuum infiltration technology to produce CuW contact materials. And we can supply 200,000 pieces to the market yearly.
  • The CuCr metal alloy material has excellent electrical conductivity, high hardness, elasticity, wearing resistance , thermal conductivity, excellent high temperature creep resistance, high temperature withstand voltage and high temperature strength. The materials are widely used in electric power switch, high-speed train motor, wind power motor, crystallizer of continuous cast process, lead wire frame, high-speed train and other broad fields. They are very promising industrial base materials. Sirui has set up two production lines of vacuum infiltration and vacuum casting. And we have annual producing and machining capacity of 5000 T of non-standard parts.
  • The main motor parts are ending rings, rotor bar and shrinking ring used in traction motor of high speed train as well as metro. Copper alloy wedges, hollow profile, damper parts and other special copper alloy parts are for generators. Main application of these state-of-the-art parts is high speed train, metro, nuclear, oil and gas, wind generation and industrial propulsion. We are working with customers globally and supplying tailored solution as per customers design.
  • Our company specializing in deep processing of chromium metal processing.And there are two production lines,annual capacity is 2000 tons.We can supply superfine chrome powder and chrome powder in the form of spherical grains series. The technology of processing of material is performed by grinding at low temperature. The treated powder shows bright color, is a polyhedron with a low gas content, and excellent mobility. Chrome powder is widely used in the contact materials, electrical alloys, in materials of the target by sputtering under vacuum, metallization spray, coating cars and a variety of cutting tools, etc. target, thermal spraying, cars and various cutting tools coating and powder metallurgy parts etc..
  • Components for X-ray tubes(CT、DR) The components for X-ray tubes(CT、DR)are made of material CuNi,304L,316L,Cu,Ni,Ti,W,Mo,TZM,etc. The main progress includes deformation processing,vacuum Brazing, Precision Machining Technology,plasma thermal spraying and high temperature in humid hydrogen.
  • Sirui is also specialized in the machining of turbine disc that made of superalloy as well as Titanium alloy. They are widely used for various gas turbine engine. Sirui owns up to date facilities for high-precision broaching and machining, turbine disc can also be customized. Sirui has annual capacity of 4,000 pieces currently.
  • According to IRIS International Railway Industry Standard and ISO 9001 Quality Management System, 《Sirui》manufactures flexible connection and connection bar,which are mainly used in subway, motor car and electric locomotive, to transport current and connect the electrical equipment. Meanwhile, it is capable of machining electrostatic spraying in terms of various uses, also shields insulating sleeve and winding insulation tape in diverse states of insulating connection bar. Currently, the copper connection is mainly supplied for ALSTOM, HYOSUNG, GE, and HITACHI and so on.
  • We special manufacture copper anode and cathode for Hockey Puck SCR by forging. After forging process, the flatness and parallelism can be controlled in 0.05mm, which can greatly enhance the overall performance of SCR.

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